820 GPH * MAX HEAD 8.5FT * 13 WATTS


Units have high impact ABS molded pump housing with built in carry and staging handles.

The pump can be completely broken down for cleaning by hand without the use of tools.

Multiple sizes of fittings included to insure you will have no trouble installing it into your system.

User replaceable high efficiency impeller assembly with over sized ceramic shaft for long life.

Aquanam high flow cyclone design nylon impeller blades that are virtually unbreakable.

UL LISTED - 3 prong grounded and insulated power cord  =  8FT long on TJ series pumps

Each pump has fully adjustable water flow from 20% to 100% so user can dial in what is needed.

Can be used as either full time aquarium filter pump or outdoor pond pump or circulation pump.

High efficiency, low wattage motor uses up to 80% less electricity than others to pump at same GPH.

Very large flow rates with head rating to match, but has a very small electricity usage to get there.

Gallons per hour and head heights versus wattage used is among the best in the business.

The pricing stand point is among the lowest in the business for pumps with these features.

The energy savings these pumps will give you will pay for themselves in a few months time.

All Aquanam pumps have built in automatic resetting overload and dry run circuit protections

All Aquanam aquarium and pond pumps carry a full 1 year warranty 

All Aquanam pumps have silicone o-ring seals and can be completely taken apart for cleaning

All Aquanam pumps have user replaceable impeller assemblies that use ceramic shafts & bearings